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This service is only for Kolkata & suburb. Need 48 hrs for delivery.

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PAPAYA (Raw)(Approx -500 Gm) (1 Pcs)

Note : We need 48 Hours delivery time to deliver the order ..


Patol (500 GM)

Pointed gourd most of the cucurbit family, has a fairly mild taste (its bitter leaves, which are als..


POTATO (Chandramuki) (1KG)

Chandramukhi Variety of potato is a very good diet for those who have mouth ulcers. It is easy to di..



Due to its bland taste, Jyoti potatoes can be mixed with a number of vegetables. Potatoes are also u..



Green pumpkins are round with slightly ribbed, deep green skin. Their flesh are creamish to light gr..


Raw Banana_Kachkala (1 Pcs)

Raw bananas are unripened bananas with a tough, green skin. Their flesh is white, dense and has a st..



Rich Gourd or Turai is a slender vegetable with a thin skin that is peeled before cooking. It is mil..


Tomato (500 GM)

Tomatoes are partly sour and partly sweet and contain many seeds inside which are edible..Note : We ..